Imperium: Sticks
A Real Time Strategy game from the dawn of history to the far future

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Still to implement prior to release v0.2:

The following items are considered critical inclusions for the v0.2 release, slated sometime mid-2008.
The versions listed beside each item is an estimate only; based on time constraints and complexity, they may or may not make it in to that point release.
Items in red considered top priority for next point release
Items in blue require further work.
Items in green are fixed in the next point release.

- Still need to finetune unit cost based on calculated gender ratio
- Livestock resource (chicken) image file completion in progress
- Need animation for dying resources and units harvesting meat from livestock
- Tab to collapse the statusbar to allow more viewable game map in progress

Allow multiple images for units - first up is multiple tree sprites - v0.1.7
Eight-directional unit sprites - Ongoing
Initial tradition choices that shape a player's civilization's society - v0.2
Building upgrades - v0.1.7
Add the ability to chat between players - v0.1.6
Add ability to hide the statusbar to maximize viewable map area - v0.1.8
New sociological choices for civilization; preferring unit genders allows unit bonuses but societal disadvantages - partially implemented - v0.1.6
New resource types added: stone, oil - v0.1.6
New units added: archers, hunters, bronzesmith's building - v0.1.8, or sooner if I can get the animations done
Expand unit / map sizes so players can use either small units on small map tiles, or larger units on larger map tiles (to make it easier to see/select units) - v0.3
Ranged attack units - v0.1.9
Map reveal routine - map is hidden until explored by units - v0.3
Version checking to ensure that players are running the same game version to avoid crashes due to missing features - v0.2
Move informational messages from game map to right-side panel - v0.1.9
Bugfixes - ongoing as always - see bugs section

The following items are scheduled for the v0.2/v0.3 release timeframe.
Items in red considered top priority

Resources - still to add: radioactive (others?)
- Add AI civs to multiplayer games, and properly define which host controls which AI civilization in multiplayer situations
- Sprite scaling
- Proper image layering
- Land-based military units
- Fog of war
- Forest creation routine, not just random trees
- Roads and bridges
- Different terrain types: swamp, desert, prairie, mountain, rainforest
- Spy units - units created with all the attributes of an opposing civlization, controlled
by the opposing civilization, but provide a view surrounding the unit

These items are scheduled for a much later release, but if I can get them in quickly, I will.

Smoothly drawn/animated units, buildings, and resources
Adjust the minimap to handle any size map
Allow any size screen (for installation on odd devices)
Trade units
Privateer units
Diplomatic treaties: trade pacts, mutual aggression pacts, non-aggression pacts
Period artwork: have the lettering/cursors,wallpaper change as new technologies are discovered
3-D map (if feasible - probably set for version 2.x...assuming I'm still alive that far away...)
Co-operative team play: each player controls a separate civilization

Co-operative team play: each player controls an aspect of the same civilization. For example:

Player A and Player B belong to the same civilization. Player A plays as military advisor, controlling creation of military units and conducting campaigns.
Player B controls the infrastructure, conducting research and building new buildings as required.