Imperium: Sticks
A Real Time Strategy game from the dawn of history to the far future

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All source files for Imperium:Sticks are done in C. It's true that C++, Java, etc are easier to code in, but I'd like to keep it as readable as possible for anyone who wants to examine the code (coding style is something else! :) ). It just may be me, but I find it really, really difficult to trace the execution of a program when code is executed in functions and concealed within objects...

I'm fairly easy going in terms of style, but please, no functions within functions within functions, where the endpoint is something like return(a+b);'s too hard to trace. If it's something fairly trivial, then just do it within the function itself. A little redundancy doesn't hurt.... :)


Right now, the sky's pretty much the limit for new units. I've had to add another variable to the unit templates to track male/female/non-gender-specific (ie: buildings), but that's the only real restriction.


All images can be submitted in just about any format, as they'll all be converted to PNG in the end, but by preference we'd like the artwork submitted as an SVG file, as Imperium: Sticks will offer users the choice of small maps and unit sizes, and larger ones for those that don't feel like squinting at the screen. However, that being said, at some point the project may offer more than just two sizes, so all artwork should be submitted with mobile units being, proportionally sizing, at least 200 pixels high by however many wide, so they can be resized accordingly. All backgrounds should be transparent.

Mobile units: mobile units should be at least 40 x 20 (80 x 40 large size) pixels in size for all frames, and all frames should have consistent sizes: Imperium: Sticks isn't set to handle variable frame sizes. As well, there should be a consistent number of frames for all actions.

Stationary units: no tile restrictions; units can be as large as needed. As with mobile units, unit sizes and number of frames should be consistent.

Text: text can be drawn in any size from 10 pixels to (as of right now) no upper limit. Text should either be drawn white, which can then be colourized to any colour, or drawn as single purpose text (coloured, no recolourization required). All white text will be rendered in one of eight primary colours or any of the 16 user defined civilization colours.

Sound: All sound files will be encoded using Ogg Vorbis, in order to keep Imperium: Sticks as free as possible.

Contributions: What I need right now are:

Unit artwork. Current units need to be redrawn and reworked, drawn working in eight directions, not just two.